Pre-Assembled Modular Guarding & Enclosure System

What are FastFrames Modules?

A revolutionary new concept for the guarding and safety industry!

FastFrames modules are pre-assembled panels and doors which are constructed of 1.5” x 1.5” aluminum extrusions, with wire mesh (black or yellow) or clear polycarbonate inserts. Each module can be ordered using a single part number, and arrives pre-assembled or in a kit. Just connect them together to form a machine safety guard, enclosure or protective perimeter safety fence. FastFrames modules are also available as carts, tables/frames and conveyors.

Why use FastFrames?

Simple to Order

Only one part number, versus 25 to 50 individual parts and components, as with traditional extrusions

Easy to Configure & Install

  • Measure the area to be guarded
  • Order the appropriate size panels & doors
  • Connect them together in minutes

    NO CAD drawings *** NO welding *** NO piece-parts to specify, sort or assemble

    Extremely Versatile

    • Wide range of standard and custom sizes
    • Can be arranged in almost any configuration
    • Can be modified, repositioned or reconfigured
    • Extrusion t-slot design allows for limitless on-site customization such as bolt on switches, placards, sensors, light-stacks, etc.
    Here’s how to configure FastFrames panels and doors, plus the catalog pages with descriptions & specifications.

    New P4-EX11 Machine Guards are now available

    • 1″ extrusion with 3/16″ polycarb or 1/2″ wire mesh for a lightweight solution to your bolt-on guarding needs
    • 30 different height & width combinations
    • Custom sizes are available by request
    • Clear & Black aluminum extrusion styles
    • Can ship UPS or FedEx instead of LTL

    Download the P4-EX11 pdf for more information

    Standard Carts and Machine Bases & Tables
    Download the CARTS & TABLES pdfs for more information.

    Download a complete pdf FastFrames brochure.

    Visit our online store to order FastFrames or contact your local distributor.

    For a free quotation, contact us or give us a call @ 847-458-0993

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