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Pre-Assembled Modular Guarding & Enclosure System

Panel and door modules arrive completely pre-assembled Bolt modules together in under 3 minutes Within minutes, You're Done!

What are FastFrames Modules?

A revolutionary new concept for the guarding and safety industry!

FastFrames modules are pre-assembled panels and doors which are constructed of 1.5” x 1.5” heavy-duty aluminum extrusions, with wire mesh (black or yellow) or clear Lexan inserts. Each module can be ordered using a single part number, and arrives completely pre-assembled. Just connect them together to form a machine safety guard, enclosure or protective perimeter safety fence. FastFrames modules are also available as carts, tables/frames and conveyors.

Why use FastFrames?

Simple to Order

Only one part number, versus 25 to 50 individual parts and components, as with traditional extrusions

Easy to Configure and Install

  1. Measure the area to be guarded
  2. Order the appropriate size panels and doors
  3. Connect them together in minutes

NO CAD drawings
NO welding
NO piece-parts to specify, sort or assemble

Extremely Versatile

  • Wide range of standard and custom sizes
  • Can be arranged in almost any configuration
  • Can be modified, repositioned or reconfigured

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Here's how to order FastFrames panels and doors.

For a complete FastFrames brochure, or a free quotation, contact us or give us a call!